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Denis Duclos at Blues d’la Baie

 Published Aug 17

Denis Duclos and his family in Petit-Rocher for the Blues d'la Baie

We met Denis Duclos, originally from Petit-Rocher but now living in Lévis Québec. His two boys, Gabriel and Anthony, and himself are visiting the area for a week and a half.

Chaleur: What brings you to the region?

Denis: I always come to Petit-Rocher during festivals. For the past two years, I’ve been coming to the Blues d’la Baie. It’s fun to see everyone here.

Chaleur: Why the Blues d’la Baie?

Denis: There’s a lot of amazing bands … you walk in the street and you meet people that you have not seen for years. People are friendly, everyone has fun and everyone is happy. That’s really cool!

Chaleur: What do you like about your hometown and Chaleur Region?

Denis: It’s the Bay of Chaleur, the sea, the landscape, the people … During our visit, we go kayaking, pedal boating, mackerel fishing at high seas and many other things. We love it here.


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