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Fumoir du coteau

Buy Local in Bathurst: Fumoir du coteau

René Lanteigne, artisan I smoke salmon for the fun of.... eating it and sharing it.....

We smoke Atlantic salmon. Our salmon is farmed in the Bay of Fundy. We never use salmon from Chili.

Our salmon is cold-smoked, using traditional methods and apple and maple wood. The interior temperature of the smokehouse never goes above 300 C (850 F).

Our salmon has never been frozen before, during or after smoking.

We slice the fish by hand, using a knife. This explains our sometimes irregular slices. Machine slicing requires frozen salmon. We have chosen not to use this method.

Our salmon is vacuum packed immediately after it is sliced to ensure its quality.

We sell our sliced smoked salmon in 100g, 200g and 250g packages. Blocks of smoked salmon with skin on are also available, as are whole fillets.

We can also produce custom packages on demand: a whole sliced fillet, for instance, reassembled. Please call us for custom orders. We are happy to accommodate you.

It is possible to purchase products directly from us. All you have to do is call.

We also ship our products. We use insulated packaging and add ice to ensure the product remains fresh and cool.


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