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8 things to do in (and around) Petit-Rocher [Summer 2018]

Petit-Rocher is a beautiful municipality of ~ 1900 inhabitants located at the edge of the picturesque Baie des Chaleurs in New Brunswick.

 Published Jun 13

(2019 Update: We created an updated list of things to do in Petit-Rocher for 2019!)

The beautiful coastal village of Petit-Rocher is an Acadian municipality located on the Bay of Chaleur. There, you will find hotel accommodations, restaurants and a picturesque public park with access to the beach. In the summer, the village hosts the critically acclaimed Blues D’La Baie festival.

If you are travelling from out-of-town, we’ve made a quick list of a few of the many places to visit; eat, see and stay in and around the village – before or after your favourite shows!


(Gregory Charles in action at last year’s edition of Blues d’la Baie.)

Blues d’la Baie

The line-up for this year is out and between July 26 and 29 Petit-Rocher will be booming! Go to their Facebook page to check the schedule. 


Village de Petit-Rocher 

Petit-Rocher Wharf

Take a relaxing walk alongside the wharf where you will see fishermen and majestic flocks of birds. If you have the time, don’t miss out on the sunset; it is absolutely breathtaking.

Perfect place for an Instagram shoot! 😄

Motel & Chalets L’Acadien

Centrally located in the village and on the Bay of Chaleur, this motel is right on the beach! You can relax on the beach, go hunting for seashells or take a dip in the bay. While relaxing, you could also watch the fishing fleet cast out for the day’s catch.

Would you rather experience fishing for yourself? The motel offers packages to go fishing for Mackerel between July and August! You get on board of the “l’Acadien sur mer” and make a stop to catch mackerel in clear waters and watch fish of all colours in their natural habitat! The journey is unforgettable. 😊

Picture: www.motelacadiensurmer.ca

Village de Petit-Rocher


[Motel and Cottages L'Acadien By The Sea]

Beresford Salt Marshes

Located at a 10-minute drive from Petit-Rocher, in the adjacent municipality of Beresford, the Bay of Chaleur Salt Marshes are simply wonderful to explore. The interpretative trail provides a magnificent view of the flora and fauna of this unique habitat. If you wish, you could also get an interpreter to accompany you through the trails!

Some spots along the trails are ideal for photography and bird watching and others provide a perfect spot to watch the sunrise or sunset. The best part, however, of the salt marshes is that they are home to a unique butterfly called the Maritime Ringlet. This butterfly has a very small global distribution and it’s largest population is here in the salt marshes. Stay on a lookout for these unique winged wonders!

Beresford NB

[Beresford Beach]

Youghall Beach

Feel like basking in the summer sun? It’s a short 25 minutes drive to the City of Bathurst before you find yourself at a supervised saltwater beach located between the majestic Bathurst harbour and the beautiful Bay of Chaleur.

The beach is fully loaded and has on site amenities such as washrooms, changing rooms, boardwalk, beach volleyball courts, playground and even a marina!

City of / Ville de Bathurst

[Youghall Beach]


Golf Courses

Feel like getting some tee time during your trip to the Chaleur Region? We have two beautiful courses located in Bathurst – a mere 25 minute drive from Petit-Rocher.

Gowan Brae Golf & Country Club. Located on the shores of the Bathurst Harbour in the Bay of Chaleur, is a stunning 18-hole golf course. Beauty aside, the course has gone through several modifications over the years to accommodate even the best golfers looking for a challenge.

[Gowan Brae Golf and Country Club]

Squire Green Golf & Country Club. Located at 805 Golf St. in Bathurst, this 9-hole golf course is surrounded by luxurious real estate. Squire Green is built on the site of the original Bathurst Golf Course, known as Red Hill. 500 acres of golf goodness.

Gowan Brae

Squire Green

City of / Ville de Bathurst


Daly Point Nature Reserve 

Daly Point is sure to “recharge your batteries”! The nature Reserve is located northeast of the Bathurst harbour and boasts of 100-acres of pristine salt marsh and forest.

The Point is alive with wildlife and especially birdlife which attracts bird-watchers by the hundreds. Grab your picnic basket and get some fresh air! 😊

Daly Point Nature Reserve

City of / Ville de Bathurst

[Daly Point Nature Reserve]


Auberge d’Anjou – Cocooning Café

[Auberge d'Anjou - Cocooning Café]

After a good adventure, time to treat yourself to some great food. L’Auberge d’Anjou is an Inn and Café-Bistro located at the heart of Petit-Rocher – 587 Rue Principale. The warm welcome and the delicious meals, offered on site at the Cocooning Café, will ensure you enjoy an unforgettable stay. L’Auberge is famous in the region for its warm hospitality.

Oh, while you’re there, don’t forget to try their specialty coffees!                       

Auberge d’Anjou – Cocooning Café

Village de Petit-Rocher


Take your time. Fall in Love.

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